Entire "Let's Be Mermaids" Collection

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Get ready for some fun in the sun and release your inner mermaid with this beautiful 7 polish collection. If you’re obsessed with all things mythical and mermaid or simply love holographic bling, this collection is for you! Each color sparkles and twinkles like a mermaid tail glistening in the sunlight!

Each polish is available in a full-size, 15ml bottle for $12 or 7.5 ml mini for $8. Complete full-size collection is $75 and complete mini-size collection is $51.

About the Polishes:

Here they are:

  1. Mermaid Tails: a rich and vibrant turquoise scattered holographic jelly polish decorated with UCC blue/purple/red flakies.
  2. Mermaid Magic: a bewitching regal purple scattered holographic jelly polish with assorted purple and pink holographic and metallic glitters as well as purple to white shifting iridescent flakes.
  3. Mermaid Tears: a seafoam green scattered holographic polish with blue-green iridescent hex glitters, aqua hex glitters, turquoise holographic micro glitters, and blue/green chameleon shifting shimmer.
  4. Mermaid’s Love: a hot pink scattered holographic polish adorned with UCC orange/fuchsia/gold UCC flakies.
  5. Mermaids of the Ocean Blue: a deep sky blue scattered holographic jelly polish with blue holographic hex glitters and an assortment of iridescent glitters and purple to white shifting iridescent flakes. Inspired by the casting of the spell… "Mermaids of the Ocean blue, I cry out to you. My wish is to become a mermaid like you…” Source:
  6. Mermaid’s Dream: a coral multi-color shifting shimmer polish with assorted orange-green iridescent shifting hex glitters.
  7. Mermaid’s Curse: a dark mystical black jelly base with shifting shimmers and a rainbow of UCC flakies.

Please see individual listings for more details and swatches on each polish.

This listing is for all 7 full-size 15ml bottles.

Photo credits: Delishious Nails, CDBNails, Manicured & Marvelous, Polish & Paws, Lacquered Mama, Lacquer Or Leaver Her


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