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Entire "Witch Goddesses" Collection

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This collection consist of six vampy and vibrant autumn shades. Each on inspired by a different witch goddess.

1. SeleneDescribed as a dark blue shimmer polish with silver platinum micro flakies. Inspired by Selene, a Greek Moon Goddess known for her many love affairs.

2. MorriganDescribed as a blood red holo polish with a slight silver foil shimmer. Inspired by Morrigan, a terrifying crow goddess associated with war and death. She is queen of phantoms, demons, shape-shifters and witches.

3. AradiaDescribed as a shimmering copper with a subtle green shimmer. Inspired by an Italian Witch Goddess. She is bold, independent, sexual, confident and self-empowered.

4. HecateDescribed as a darkened teal holo polish. Inspired by Hecate, A Mood Goddess, an Underworld Goddess and a Goddess of Magic.

5. RhiannonDescribed as a vampy purple shimmer polish with red shimmer. Inspired by Riannon, a Celtic Goddess of fertility, the moon, night and death. Her name means "Night Queen".

6. PythiaDescribed as an olive green polish with an orange shimmer. Inspired by Pythia, a Serpent Goddess and Princess of Ancient Delphi, the home of the oracle of Apollo, the Greek god of prophecy, music, healing, and light,

Please see individual listings for more details and swatches on each polish.

Purchased separately, the retail value of the complete full size collection is $68. Save $8 by purchasing the whole collection.




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