Exclusive Soft Open

Posted by Angie Cavaiuolo, CES (Chief Executive of Sassy) on Sep 19th 2015

Welcome to Sassy Pants Polish!

OK, so I'm going to just put this right here...The debut collection is about to launch!! In the meanwhile, I'm doing a soft open to test the waters and work out the kinks in the order processing. I'm offering this opportunity to pre-order the items in our debut "Find Your Sassy!" collection to select groups. So if you've found your way here, 'Lil Ms. Sassy Pants, YOU are one of the chosen. ;-) Please let us know if you notice any issues, aggrevations, etc. Official launch is expected to be September 25, 2015. Then you can let the cat out of the bag. Please do...that dang cat is getting restless! Or maybe its just me.... tosses some glitter in the air and skips away....

xoxo, Angie